Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perfect Proposal!

Perfect Proposal
Friday. April. 1. 2011

Brandon and I have had a pretty structured routine over the past four years. Most evenings are grabbing a quick bite if I didn't make something and doing homework. I love it. As far as dinner is concerned we eat Subway 99% of the time. We know eachother's order forward & backward (it's the same thing with an exception, mustard for me, ranch for him).

Let's start out by mentioning that Friday was a bright, WARM, beautiful day and my mood matched. I left my office and headed north, calling Brandon to check in.
He answered deflated. Work was the worst. He was further behind in homework than he thought. It was not going to be a fun night.
I jumped on board with the nights plans and asked if he wanted me to pick up some sandwiches on the way.
No. He replied. I'll grab some on my way home.

When I got to his house he greeted me with a hug but appeared stressed out and fatigued from his day. "Lets just eat so we can get right to work".
He placed the sandwiches on the table; "Yours has the M on it for mustard/mayo". I kept talking as I unwrapped my sandwich. I opened the paper and sitting, pinned on top of my sandwich was this:

Perfect. Stunning. Just what I wanted. (the picture doesn't do it any justice!)
My heart stopped just like it does when you reach the highest part on a roller coaster ride.
I just stared. I was so surprised!
He took the ring, dropped to one knee, said some very sweet things, and asked me to marry him.
(By this point I've got mascara black tears trickling down my cheeks)
I replied yes, I guess pretty quietly cause he asked me to say it a little louder. Yes!

We hugged & kissed. Then he started saying, "The thing about April Fool's Day is..." I slapped his shoulder. I knew this wasn't a joke! He wouldn't do that, but I didn't want any part of it to be a joke or change. He continued..." The thing is, we won't be eating these sandwiches for dinner. I want to take you some place special. Now I need you to put this on..."

He proceeded to bring out one of my little black dresses and heels. He gave me time to get dolled up and then we headed out.

We ended up here:
The Metropolitan. Downtown, SLC. Absolutely Unreal & Perfect, Everything about it!

Our table was so cozy, overlooking the fireplace.
(The only thing about this evening is I didn't have a camera, but I can remember every little detail in my mind!)

Everyone at the restaurant knew about the special occasion and greeted us warmly.
The sommelier poured us a drink. Then when we walked by and we hadn't taken a sip yet he informed us. "It's sparkling cider...Not that sparkling." We toasted.

Here's our delicious meal!
The Chef sent out chilled cucumber and mint soup

Appetizer: This came on a 4-way plate,(the pic below isn't ours but it gives an idea.)

~Metropolitan Mushrooms w/ truffle potatoes, red wine sauce, potato cylinder (The pic of this was what ours looked like) ~Artisan Cheesescardamom meringue, lemon curd, rhubarb water
~Bacon Marmalade & House Pork rinds (I know sounds interesting but was soo good!)
~Tempura Shrimp: These had amazing, bold flavor & just melted in your mouth,
Then both Brandon and I selected the 5 course tasting menu. Heaven!

1 Curried carrot & parsnip soup

2 Butter lettuce ceaser salad with anchovie

3 Intermezzo: Passionfruit sorbet with coconut crust & chocolate base

4 Entrée: braised bison short ribs with truffled macaroni n' cheese and brussel sprouts

5 Bread pudding with mango ice cream, pistachio spread and cherries

They brought out a plate with congrats written in chocolate with the dessert.

Although unable to breathe the Pastry chef sent out one more little bite:

An Orange chocolate pastry we intertwined arms and took the last bite

Brandon was so thoughtful when he selected this restaurant. I am such a foodie! I love artful, modern food. It was the perfect choice and so thoughtful! I was beyond thrilled! It was the perfect night & we were absolutely STUFFED by the end of it!

Brandon gave me these beautiful roses, my favorite! Such deep red color & smelled unbelievable!

Huge, Special thanks to Brandon's Brother-in-law, Brady & Sister Stacy for helping make our special night so special! They were so great to help get the reservation, sending us a delicious appetizer and treating us to such a great meal!

The truth about Brandon's day was it was great at work, he had worked hard to get homework done in advance, he actually came home a day early from school to pick up the ring, visit with my Dad, see my mom & pick up my dress!
I felt so special and taken care of. He made the night about us and what he knew I liked.

The only word to describe it is PERFECT!

I love Brandon, he's such an amazing man!
I'm so excited to continue our life together & be by his side!
He created the PERFECT Proposal!


  1. AHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I CANNOT wait for July to come! And...I think we need to do lunch..ASAP!

  2. Cheers to the happy couple! We are so excited for you and feel blessed to have you in our family. You are such a sweet gal, a perfect match! So glad you enjoyed yourselves and that it was both deserve it! Yeah, let the wedding events begin!